Data Room Watermarking

Data room watermarking brings an additional covering of security to your docs in a digital dataroom. This kind of protects against unauthorized access and tracking. It can possibly help deter tampering and reduce the risk of hypersensitive information leaking during research projects, M&A transactions, fund-collecting, and other business deals.

The characteristic is available to all Digify users with the folder, report or data file level and is customized to feature a custom Dynamic Watermark. This will may actually anyone observing the record on Digify, or when the file is usually downloaded intended for specific file types such as Microsoft Office data, text docs and images.

After the watermark is actually customized, the person will not be allowed to remove or adjust it. If the watermark is definitely attempted to always be removed or perhaps altered, a warning will probably be sent to the person who will afterward be ejected from the dataroom. data room watermarking and audit trail feature This helps prevent tampering and allows administrators to monitor activity in current.

Another important characteristic for any data room is definitely its audit trail. This gives a detailed record of every activity that occurs inside the virtual dataroom, including report access, for downloading, edits, and sharing. This volume of transparency allows organizations to read all actions in the dataroom, and distinguish any potential security removes or complying issues as fast as possible. It also helps them solve any potential issues with self confidence, and ensure they are meeting all their regulatory responsibilities. This can be specifically helpful for corporations with multiple locations or teams operating remotely.

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